A long day in the saddle

So this week I set out on a long training ride, VERY LONG, sunrise to sunset, 6 coffees, 10 gels, a few chocolate cakes and 270km later I was done. The ride was on my Giant Propel road bike, but had new summer wheels on and wanted to break them in.

Didn’t get back to Aberystwyth for the sunset as planned but caught it at the Arch instead.

A great day in the saddle, mentally draining, legs were heavy but not all out of gas at the end... plus could even manage a couple of hours on the bike the next day.

Will attempt the same or similar ride next week as part of my build up in training, back to back long rides and a long few rides on the gravel bike too.

All the data for you here - https://strava.app.link/doyTwZrevfb