Day 1 of my DBXGB Challenge and it was hot from the start, even starting at 6:30am it was 20 degrees from the off and kept on rising all day up to around 33 degrees at most.

I probably couldn't have picked a worse time to start my challenge and I would pay for it in a few days time, objective of the day was to complete at 150km at least but to try and stay as cool as possible all day and to stay hydrated.

A slow start with a few hike a bike sections mixed with stoppages for drinks at any and every village or store I passed by. The bike felt great on and off the road and it managed well on some of the initial steep climbs through the lanes of Cornwall.

The day ended near Cookbury, 15 hours after starting with 11 hours in the saddle and 180km in the bag. A decent start but the writing was on the wall already, my big toes were numb and other toes in a small amount of pain; something i thought may have been down to the heat.

Onwards to day 2.