Day 2

Day 2 started slow again, slow to get out of bed, slow to get moving and the feet were in pain from the first peddle stroke. Also still with me for day was the heat... yep it soon crept up to 30 degrees and didn't feel much cooler for the 13 hours or so on the bike.

The route started well, some lanes and some gravel mixed with cycles paths and it was good to chat to a local cyclist near Taddiport who offered me some great directions after my first major climb of the day was closed... sadly they closed the road at the top of the climbs (big lols)

In great Torrington I met Bob and his wife who offered to refill my bottles for me as I must have looked a broken man, they did comment it was rather warm to be out cycling.

There were more road closures on my route which resulted in me taking a few wrong turns and not really getting back on route for at least 30km, the diversion was rather hilly but I was happy to see Bridgwater when I did; my bottles were empty.

Managed to make it to Mark and took a slightly off route dive to a hotel, an extra 10km and then the same 10km to add on to tomorrow but it was worth it for the donuts.

Cant feel my feet, toes are in agony and it hurts to walk. FFS!