Nutrition for the trip

Spend a few hours on the bike and you can burn 2000 or 3000 calories, spending a day on a bike and it could be 6000 or more. Doing this day after day for 10 or so will be hard on the legs but also tough on the digestive system.

Getting the right balance of fats, carbs and protein will be key, i‘m lucky enough to have VALA energy on board as one of my nutritional sponsors to help me with their energy gels.

Made from a base of date paste and maple syrup, VALA gels have a predominantly sweet flavour with a subtle citrus hint. The gels use all natural foods, the formula is slightly thicker than most athletes might be used to and has a similar consistency to molasses.

Thanks Gem at VALA for the help, I take a VALA gel on most rides and use them when I need a pick me up.